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Cowgirl Spirit Retreat

Sure, cowgirls are tough and capable, but the spirit is being able to be tender and intuitive as well. Here at the Cowgirl Up Ranch, we embrace connection and communication as it relates to all beings, from fur and feather to our own interpersonal experiences.  At this retreat you will find opportunities to develop your inner resources of confidence, empowerment, resourcefulness and strength. 

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What to expect at a cowgirl retreat

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Generally we only take a maximum of ten guests for a retreat.  The small group lends itself to the types of personal growth and development we strive for here.  Deep Friendships are often born around the experiential challenges and the campfires under a starry sky.

There will be lots of hands on work with horses and small stock as our animal mentors are often the best teachers.  Looking into the eyes of a horse is like a mirror to your soul.  As a group, you will be faced with daily tasks that will require teamwork, resourcefulness, and possibly a sense of humor.  

You will learn to throw a lasso, connect with and ride horses, and handle livestock.  However, 

we will not be roping or driving livestock.  These are all cherished pets and they would not understand!  

Afternoon Light

Saloontown Lodging

Cowgirl Up Ranch is a small ranch located just above lake Camanche in the sierra foothills. Its not a resort and lodging is in genuine bunkhouses, a rustic cabin or fun teepees.  if “glamping” isn’t your style, you may want to upgrade to the neighboring BnB for more comforts of home.  However, the food is always yummy, the atmosphere unmatched, and the company is fabulous.  

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