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A truly unique approach to healing mind, body, and spirit

  • Animal-Assisted Counseling/Psychotherapy

  • Adaptive and Therapeutic Riding

  • Personal Growth Workshops

  • Residential Retreats

  • Professional Development Workshops (NBCC CE Provider SP-4538)

  • Crisis Response Emotional Support Dog Team

Our Story 

HorseSpeak Center for Personal Development is a true labor of love born from the passion to help people find themselves. The staff at HorseSpeak all share personally in the mission of helping people be the best they can be, embracing who they are through equine assisted therapy. Each teacher here, whether two or four-legged, has a personal story that brings them here, sharing the journey towards hope and happiness.

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Dr. Wendy Smith, PhD  
   Licensed Clinical Psychologist PSY15373 Retired
    Board President 2023


Esther Pecora
Chief Financial Officer


Shari Edwards

2024 Board President

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Marybeth Wiefels, MA, LPPC 14514
 Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor


Karen Demers

Therapeutic Riding Specialist

Yolie McDonald

Volunteer Coordinator

que and Gus_edited_edited.jpg
Que Sala

Barn Manager

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Our mission is to provide counseling, emotional support, personal growth and therapeutic services utilizing experiential methods partnering with horses and other animals. As a non-profit corporation, we are able to provide services at reduced or no cost to eligible clients.


The HorseSpeak Center is a unique ranch where people can come learn about themselves in the company of animals and nature.  Horses have an innate ability to reflect our own authentic selves.  Animals, in general, tend to be naturally authentic, behaving exactly as they feel, often in contrast to how humans are conditioned.  We learn to hide our true selves, mask our feelings, and even lose sight of what is really going on inside us.  Time shared with our four-legged therapists facilitated by a professional counselor, can help people navigate difficult feelings, discover and explore patterns that may or may not be working for them, and provide immediate and honest feedback. 


"On my way to the women’s empowerment camp I was nervous and unsure of what I got myself into. I was pushed out of my comfort zone in the best way possible. Between the horses and group setting you get to see things you would never see on your own. It’s a type of therapy only nature and animals can provide. You can spend years in regular therapy and never get the revelations that this setting provides. I left feeling on top of the world and like I can break down any walls i put up."

- Jessica Edwards

"I attended a retreat at CowgirlUp Ranch a couple years ago. It was a life-changing experience. I left there a better and more confident version of myself. I felt empowered and ready to face the things we all stuff down. The owners, the staff, and all the wonderful animals are loving and supportive every step of the way. If you have an opportunity to attend any event for yourself or your children, you won't be sorry."

- Laura Roberts
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